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  • Saving Graph Cuttoffs as Annotations

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To save graph cuttoffs as annotations select the Graph->Save cuttoffs as annotations item in the graph contex menu. The following dialog will appear:

     <img src="/wiki/download/attachments/7667716/Saving Graph Cuttoffs as Annotations.png"/>

The following parameters are available:

Maximum cutoff - maximum cutoff value.

Minimum cutoff - minimum cutoff value.

Around cutoff values - saves the values around cutoffs values.

Between cutoff values - saves the values between cutoffs values.

In the Save annotation(s) to group you can set up a file to store annotations. It could either an existing annotation table object or a new document (file).

In the Annotation parameters group you can specify the annotations name and a group in the Annotations Editor.

Select the parameters and click on the Save button. The corresponding annotations will be saved.