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Task Name: find-repeats

Searches for repeats in sequences and saves the regions found as annotations.


in — semicolon-separated list of input files. [String, Required]

out — output file with the annotations. [String, Required]

name — name of the annotated regions. [String, Optional, Default: “repeat_unit”]

min-length — minimum length of the repeats. [Number, Optional, Default: 5]

identity — percent identity between repeats. [Number, Optional, Default: 100]

min-distance — minimum distance between the repeats. [Number, Optional, Default: 0]

max-distance — maximum distance between the repeats. [Number, Optional, Default: 5000]

inverted — if true, searches for the inverted repeats. [Boolean, Optional, Default: false]


Code Block
ugene find-repeats --identity=99