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The following settings are available on the tab:

Language of User Interface (applied after restart) — here you can select UGENE localization. Currently available localizations are EN and RU. The default value (Autodetection) specifies that UGENE should use the operating system regional options to select the localization. This setting is applied only after UGENE is reopened.

Appearance — defines the appearance of the application.

Window Layout — this option allows to control the behavior of windows, multiple or tabs.

Open last project at startup — if the option is checked, the last project is opened when UGENE is started. Also you can choose default settings for saving project.

Enable statistical reports collecting — collects information about UGENE usage and sends it to the UGENE team to help improve the application.


The collected information includes:

  1. System info: UGENE version, OS name, Qt version, etc.
  2. Counters info: number of launches of certain tasks (e.g. HMM search, MUSCLE align).

The collected information DOESN’T include any personal data.

Default settings — this option resets the default settings on the next run.