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This workflow fetches sequence from LinkData by specified work ID, filename, subject ID, property ID and writes result in file in FASTA format.

titleHow to Use This Sample

If you haven't used the workflow samples in UGENE before, look at the "How to Use Sample Workflows" section of the documentation.

Workflow Sample Location

The workflow sample "LinkData Fetch" can be found in the "Custom Elements" section of the Workflow Designer samples.

Workflow Image

The workflow looks as follows:

  <img src="/wiki/download/attachments/16122710/LinkData Fetch.png"/>
Workflow Wizard

The wizard has 1 page.

  1. LinkData Fetch: On this page you can modify LinkData and output settings. 

      <img src="/wiki/download/attachments/16122710/LinkData Fetch_1.png"/>

    The following parameters are available:

    Work IDWork ID
    File nameFile name
    Result sequenceLocation of output data file. If this attribute is set, slot "Location" in port will not be used.