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  • Workflow Designer: pipelines and repeatable experiments
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Workflow Designer. UGENE Workflow Designer is a central part of UGENE  that allows a molecular biologist to create and run complex computational workflows even if he or she is not familiar with any programming language. 

A workflow comprises reproducible, reusable and self-documented research routine, with a simple and unambiguous visual representation suitable for publications. A workflow can be run both locally and remotely, either using graphical interface or launched from the command line.  Elements in workflow correspond algorithms integrated into UGENEAdditionally you can create custom workflow elements using integrated scripting language, or by connecting arbitrary external command line utility. 

 To launch the Workflow Designer select the Tools ‣ Workflow Designer item in the UGENE main menu. The following window appears: 

Example 4: You can find pattern in a sequence or in sequences and save it as annotations using the following workflow: 

Create the workflow, choose parameters and click the Run button. If you want to search pattern in many sequences you can add these sequences into Read Sequence element. After the end of the running process a report appears. The report include all information about workflow. 

All your workflows have been saved and you can navigation between it and use it with a help of the Dashboards Manager: 

Note that workflows in UGENE are easy to read and share, can be reused multiple times and compiled into a separate standalone command line tools!

For more detailed information about Workflow Designer use the Workflow Designer Documentation.

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