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When the element is used the input nucleotide sequence is translated into 6 amino sequences. The translated sequences are used to query the NCBI Conserved Domain Database (CDD).

Parameters in GUI

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
Annotate AsName of the result annotations.CDD result
Expected valueIt is also called E-value. Describes the number of hits one can “expect” to see by chance when searching a database of a particular size.10
Min lengthMinimum result length.50bp
Max lengthMaximum result length.5000bp
PatternFilters the result annotations: the qualifier value must contain the specified pattern value.No default value.


Parameters in Schema File

Type: CDD

ParameterParameter in the GUIType
keyAnnotate Asstring
evalueExpected valuenumeric
min-lengthMin lengthnumeric
max-lengthMax lengthnumeric
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