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To create a new sequence file from a text, select the File ‣ New document from text main menu item or Create Sequence on the main screen.

The Create Sequence dialog appears:

You can input the created sequence to the Paste data here field. You can type or paste sequences in FASTA or text format.

The following Custom settings are available:

Alphabet — here you can select the alphabet:

The following alphabets are available: Standard DNAStandard RNAExtended DNAExtended RNAStandard aminoExtended amino, Raw.

Skip unknown symbols / Replace unknown symbols with — you can select either to skip unknown input symbols or to replace them with the specified symbol.

Save sequence to file — a location of the created document.

File format — a format of the created document. Currently available formats are FASTA and Genbank.

Sequence name — a name of the sequence in the created document.

The created document will be added to the current project and opened in the Sequence View.

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