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For some algorithm elements (e.g. ORF) the Direction parameter is available in the Property Editor. It specifies the direction of the current element relatively to other elements in the schema and can take the following values:

  • Direct — specifies to search the results for the element in the current strand.
  • Forward — specifiesd to search the results for the element in the reverse complementary strand.
  • Any — the results for the element are seached in the both strands.

Notice that an element changes it’s appearance on the Scene when different values are selected:


Create the following schema:

  1. The Smith-Waterman algorithm element with AAG patern and the Forward direction.
  2. The Smith-Waterman element with CGG pattern and the Backward direction.
  3. Add a constraint to these elements.
  4. Run the schema for a sequence.

By default, if the Query Sequence Mode hasn’t been modified, the followings results will be found:


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