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The following UGENE package delivery types are available on 64-bit Linux:

  • Online installer: updates to new versions are supported
  • TAR.GZ archive: does not require Internet connection to be installed

Other packages for older UGENE version are available on the web page

Attention: Online installer has been removed from UGENE since version 39.0.

Installation using online installer

  • Download an archive with the online installer file ("ugeneInstaller_64bit.tar").
  • Unpack the archive.
  • Run the extracted "ugeneInstaller_64bit" executable file.

    cd ~/Downloads
    tar -xf ugeneInstaller_64bit.tar
  • Follow the installation wizard.

On a new UGENE version release, a notification will appear with an option to update the package.

Installation using TAR.GZ archive

  • Download the TAR.GZ archive.

  • Unpack the archive - in the Terminal run "tar -xzf archive_file".
  • From the unpacked folder run "./ugeneui" (here "ui" states for "User Interface"). For example:

    cd ~/Downloads
    tar -xzf ugene-current-version-x86-64.tar.gz
    cd ugene-current-version

On a new UGENE version release, a notification will appear. However, to install the new version, it is required to manually download the package again.

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