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The element searches for repeats in the input sequence.

Parameters in GUI

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
Annotate AsName of the result annotations.repeat_unit

Algorithm used to search for repeats. Available values are:

  • Suffix index
  • Diagonals
  • Auto
Suffix index
Filter nestedIf True, filters nested repeats.True
IdentityRepeats percentage identity.100%
InvertedIf True, searches for inverted repeats.False
Min lengthMinimum length of repeats.5bp
Max lengthMaximum length of repeats.10000bp
Parallel threadsNumber of parallel threads used to execute the calculations.Auto


Parameters in Schema File

Type: repeats

ParameterParameter in the GUIType
keyAnnotate Asstring


Available values are:

  • suffix
  • diagonals
  • auto
filter-nestedFilter nestedboolean
min-lengthMin lengthnumeric
max-lengthMax lengthnumeric
threadsParallel threadsnumeric
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