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Operating system

Since v. 34, 64-bit versions of the operating systems are supported only:

  • Windows 8+
  • macOS 10.7+
  • Linux

Note that some external tools may be available only on particular operating systems, see details in the "Data Analysis Tools" chapter of the manual.

For older packages, if required, see


512 Mb RAM is required. At least 2 Gb RAM is recommended.

Disk space

The minimum required disk space depends on the installed UGENE components. At least 1 Gb is recommended. For installing all components, including NGS modules for ChIP-seq and metagenomic data processing, about 250Gb is required.


It is recommended to set the screen resolution to 1280 x 720 or greater.


Internet connection is required for a few tasks like loading data from online databases.

UGENE takes care to use the capabilities of your system: the more RAM and cores you have, the more quickly you'll get results of your calculations.

Also, if you have an OpenCL-capable video card, you can use GPU-optimized versions of the following tools:

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