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Output a table of genes found in a reference sequence.

Element type: genebygene-report-id


ParameterDescriptionDefault valueParameter in Workflow FileType
Output fileFile to store a report.
Annotation nameAnnotation name used to compare genes and reference genomes.blast-resultannotation_namestring
Existing fileIf a target report already exists you should specify how to handle that. Merge two table in one. Overwrite or Rename existing file.Mergeexistingstring
Identity cutoffIdentity between gene sequence length and annotation length in percent. BLAST identity (if specified) is checked after90.0000%identitynumeric

Input/Output Ports

The element has 1 input port:

Name in GUI: Gene by gene report data

Name in Workflow File: in-data


Slot In GUISlot in Workflow FileType
Input annotationsgene-annann-table-list
Input sequencesgene-seqseq
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