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Input one or several files with nucleotide or protein sequences.

A file may also contain annotations. Any format, supported by UGENE, is allowed (GenBank, FASTA, etc.).

The element outputs message(s) with the sequence and annotations data.

See the list of all available formats here.

Element type: read-sequence

Parameters in GUI

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueParameter in Workflow FileType
Input files Semicolon-separated list of datasets to the input files.
ModeIf the file contains more than one sequence, “split” mode sends them as is to output, while “merge” appends all the sequences and outputs the merged sequence.Splitmode


Available values are:

  • 0 - for split mode
  • 1 - for merge mode
Merging gapIn the “merge” mode, inserts the specified number of gaps between the original sequences. This is helpful e.g. to avoid finding false positives at the merge boundaries.10merge-gapnumeric
Sequence count limit

Split mode only. Read only first N sequences from each file. Set 0 value for reading all sequences.

Accession filterOnly reports a sequence with the specified accession (id).

Input/Output Ports

The element has 1 output port:

Name in GUI: Sequence

Name in Workflow File: out-sequence


Slot In GUISlot in Workflow FileType
Set of annotationsannotationsannotation-table
Source URLurlstring
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