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To create a PCR product from a primer use the Cloning->Create PCR product context menu of primer annotation.

The Create PCR Product dialog appears:

If a primer has been selected you can choose to create the PCR product from this primer. Otherwise you can either choose to create the PCR from the whole sequence or choose the Custom item and input the custom region.

To add a 5’ overhang to the direct strand check the Include Left Overhang check box and input the required nucleotides. To add a 5’ overhang to the reverse strand in addition to the described steps select the Reverse-complement item in the same group box.

Similarly, to add a 3’ overhang check the Include Right Overhang check box, input the required overhang and select either the direct or the reverse-complement strand.

On the Output tab of the dialog you can optionally modify the annotations output settings.

Finally, press the OK button to create the PCR product. The PCR product  will be saved as an annotation.

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