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DNA sequence generator is a tool that generates a random DNA sequence with specified nucleotide content. To generate a random DNA sequence select the Tools->Generate sequence item in the main menu. The dialog will appear:

The following parameters are available:

Length - length of the resulted sequence(s) (using '1000' bp by default).

Window size - size of window where set content (using '1000' by default).

Number of sequences - number of sequences to generate (using '1' by default). 

Initialize random generator manually - value to initialize the random generator.

Reference - path to the reference file (could be a sequence or an alignment). 

Manual - set the base content persents. To configure base content click on the Configure button and set base content manually.

Output file - output file.

Format - output file format (using 'fasta' by default). 

Add to project - adds the generated sequence(s) to project.

Once the Search button has been pressed, the sequence(s) are created.


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