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A set of project level operations.

Example: create, open, etc. a project; open a document; access remote database to download a file.


Various actions associated with the active window.

Example: export, remove, edit, analyze a sequence using different plugins (for the Sequence View); edit, align, change the consensus mode (for the Alignment Editor).

SettingsApplication, plugins and tools settings.

Various tools, independent of an active window. This menu is extended by different plugins.

Example: HMMER2 / HMMER3 tools, SITECON, Workflow Designer.


A list of active windows and basic manipulations with the windows.

Example: close all windows, tile windows, select next window.

HelpApplication help and check for updates.

The menus can be dynamically populated with new actions added by plugins. Check the Plugins documentation to learn how each plugin affects global and context menus.

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