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In the Save annotation(s) to group of parameters you can set up a file to store annotations. It could be either an existing annotation table object or a new document (file).

In the Annotation parameters group you can specify

  • A group that the found annotations will be stored in (this affects the name of the folder in the Annotations Editor)
  • The way name(s) of the found annotations are assigned (see below)

After that click the Create annotations button. The annotations will be created. Also you can see the result statistic and navigation under the Search for: field:

Searching for one or several patterns and names of the result annotations

If you search for one pattern only, than input the required name into the Annotation name field and leave the Use pattern name check box unchecked.

You can also search for several patterns at a time by:

  • Inputting several patterns into the search field (click <Ctrl> + <Enter> keys to insert to a new line):


Even when you search for several patterns, names of the found annotations will be identical by default (the name is specified in the Annotation name field).

If you want to assign different names to annotations found for different patterns, than you should:

  • Input the patterns in FASTA format (the latter two cases above)
  • Check the Use pattern name checkbox in the Annotation parameters group

Here is an example of the found annotations in the Annotations Editor:


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