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The Assembly Overview shows a coverage overview of the assembly. The longer the depth of a line in the overview and the deeper the color, the more reads are located in this region.

To open a region of the assembly in the Reads Area click on it in the Assembly Overview. On the overview, the selected region is displayed either as a gray rectangle, a red cross or a red rectangle. For example:

If you hold Shift and select a region on the overview, the overview is zoomed to the selection.

Note that when the Assembly Overview is in focus and you use either the zoom buttons on the toolbar, the zoom items in the Actions main menu, or a mouse wheel, the Reads Area is resized appropriately.

The Assembly Overview can also be resized. To zoom in the overview, select either the Zoom in or the Zoom in 100x item in the Assembly Overview context menu. You can scroll the resized overview by dragging the mouse while pressing down the mouse wheel. To zoom out the overview, select the Zoom out item in the context menu. The Restore global overview item in the context menu restores the default overview size when the whole contig overview is shown.

Notice that the Assembly Overview shows the coordinates of the assembly areas visible in the Reads Area and in the Assembly Overview:

To scroll the resized overview, drag the mouse while pressing down the mouse wheel.

To learn about available hotkeys refer to Assembly Browser Hotkeys.

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