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To apply an alignment highlighting mode, select it in the Highlighting context menu:

or on the Highlighting tab of the Options Panel:

 The following modes are available:

  • Agreements — highlights symbols that coincide with the reference sequence. 

  • Disagreements — highlights nucleotides that differ from the reference sequence.

  • Gaps - highlights gaps.
  • Conservation level - highlights conservation level of symbols in a multiple alignment.
  • Transitions - highlights transitions.
  • Transversions - highlights transversions.

To use dots instead of symbols which are not highlighted check the Use dots checkbox in the Options Panel or use the Highlighting->Use dots context menu item.

To select a reference sequence use the Set this sequence as reference context menu or Reference sequence field in the Highlighting tab of the Options Panel.

Also you can export highlighting with a help of the Export button in the Options Panel or by the Export->Export highlighted context menu item. The following dialog will appear:

Select file to export, exported area and click on the Export button.

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