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AgaRN-acetylgalactosamine repressor, AgaR, negatively controls the expression of the aga gene cluster
AgaCAgaC is the Enzyme IIC domain of a predicted N-acetylgalactosamine-transporting PEP-dependent phosphotransferase system
ArcAArcA transcriptional dual regulator
ArgRArgR complexed with L-arginine represses the transcription of several genes involved in biosynthesis and transport of arginine, transport of histidine, and its own synthesis and activates genes for arginine catabolism.
CpxRDNA-binding response regulator in two-component regulatory system with CpxA
CrpcAMP receptor protein
CysBCysteine B
CytRCytidine Regulator
DeoRDeoxyribose Regulator
DnaADnaA is the linchpin element in the initiation of DNA replication in E. coli.
FadRFatty acid degradation Regulon
fisFactor for inversion stimulation
FlhDCOperon that encodes two transcriptional regulators
FnrFNR is the primary transcriptional regulator that mediates the transition from aerobic to anaerobic growth through the regulation of hundreds of genes.
FrurFructose repressor
FURFerric Uptake Regulation
GALRGalactose repressor
GALSGalactose isorepressor
GLPRsn-Glycerol-3-phosphate repressor
GNTPIs a member of the GntP family transporters
HNSHistone-like nucleoid structuring protein
ICLRIsocitrate lyase Regulator
IHFIntegration host factor
ISCR1Iron-sulfur cluster Regulator 1
ISCR3Iron-sulfur cluster Regulator 3
LEXALexA represses the transcription of several genes involved in the cellular response to DNA damage or inhibition of DNA replication
LrpLeucine-responsive regulatory protein
MALTMaltose regulator
MARAMultiple antibiotic resistance
MELRMelibiose regulator
MEtJMetJ represses the expression of genes involved in biosynthesis and transport of methionine
MetR1MetR participates in controlling several genes involved in methionine biosynthesis [ Weissbach91 ] and a gene involved in protection against nitric oxide
MLCDgsA, better known as Mlc, “makes large colonies,” is a transcriptional dual regulator that controls the expression of a number of genes encoding enzymes of the Escherichia coli phosphotransferase (PTS) and phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) systems
MODEMolybdate-responsive transcription factor
NACNitrogen assimilation control
NANRN-acetyl-neuraminic acid regulator
NARL2Nitrate/nitrite response regulator NarL
NARLNitrate/nitrite response regulator NarL
NARPNitrate/nitrite response regulator NarP
NIRCNirC is a nitrite transporter which is a member of the FNT family of formate and nitrite transporters
OmpCOmpC is a member of the GMP family
OxyROxidative stress regulator
PHOBPhoB is a dual transcription regulator that activates expression of the Pho regulon in response to environmental Pi
PHOPMember of the two-component regulatory system phoQ/phoP involved in adaptation to low Mg2+ environments and the control of acid resistance genes
PurRPurR dimer controls several genes involved in purine nucleotide biosynthesis and its own synthesis
RcsB_1Regulator capsule synthesis B
RcsB_2Regulator capsule synthesis B
Rob2Right origin-binding protein
ROBRight origin-binding protein
soxSSoxS is a dual transcriptional activator and participates in the removal of superoxide and nitric oxide and protection from organic solvents and antibiotics
TORRTorR response regulator
TRPRTryptophan (trp) transcriptional repressor
TyrRTyrosine repressor
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