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  • Complex Signals Recognition on a Sequence
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After the CSs are automatically extracted they can be recognized on any sequence. Such a set of sequences can be loaded as the control set.

For recognition some set of CSs is chosen, each of the signals is applied to a sequence. Then, to a symbol of the sequence, where CS is occurred, –log(1-P) score is added, where P is a value of conditional probability of the signal. Score of the sequence is a total score of all its symbols. The sequence is considered to be recognized when it has the selected CS, and its total score is higher than the recognition bound. Expert can choose the recognition bound using the training set. Choosing of the recognition bound is performed in the corresponding dialog by clicking the button Set recognition bound on the toolbar:

The following dialog will appear:

In the dialog errors of the first and the second type are shown for choosing the value.

Also, for convenience, an HTML recognition report can be generated. The report includes statistical parameters and a recognition result for each sequence.

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