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To open a document that is not yet presented in the current project use either an advanced Open dialog, a simple open file dialog or just drag the document to the UGENE window.

UGENE automatically detects the format of the document, but if you use the advanced dialog you can choose the format manually.

To open the advanced dialog select one of the following:

  • Add ‣ Existing document item in the Project View context menu
  • File ‣ Open As item in the main menu

To simply open the document select one of the following:

  • Open item in the main toolbar
  • File ‣ Open item in the main menu

or drag the file to the UGENE window. Also it is able to drag and drop documents (not objects) between opened UGENEs.

Documents created not by UGENE are locked. To be able to edit the document you should save a copy of the document and continue working with the copy.

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