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Storage for a set of data files and visualization options.


A single file (can be stored on a local hard drive or be a remote web page). Each document contains a set of objects.


A minimal and complete model of biological data. For example: a single sequence, a set of annotations, a multiple sequence alignment.


A process, usually asynchronous, that works in background. For example: some computations, loading and writing files.


A dynamically loaded module that adds new functionality to UGENE.

Object View

A graphical view for a single or a set of objects.

Project View

A visual component used to manage active project.

Task View

A visual component used to manage active tasks.

Log View

A visual component used to show logs.


A visual component used to show notifications. Generally it is used to open tasks reports.

Plugin Viewer

A visual component used to manage plugins.

Sequence View

An Object View aimed to visualize DNA, RNA or protein sequences along with their properties like annotations, chromatograms, 3D models, statistical data, etc.


Additional information about a sequence, identified by its name and the sequence region.

Alignment Editor

An Object View used to visualize and edit DNA, RNA or protein multiple sequence alignments.

Options Panel

An Options Panel it is the panel with different information tabs and tabs with settings for Sequence View and Assembly Browser.

In the image below you can see a typical UGENE window with a Project View and a single Object View window opened:

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