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To create a new sequence file from text, select the File ‣ New document from text main menu item:

The Create Document dialog appears:

You can input the created sequence to the Paste data here field. You can type or paste sequences in FASTA or text format.

The following Custom settings are available:

Alphabet — here you can select the alphabet:

The following alphabets are available: Standard DNAStandard RNAExtended DNAExtended RNAStandard aminoExtended amino.

Skip unknown symbols / Replace unknown symbols with — you can select either to skip unknown input symbols or to replace them with the specified symbol.

Document location — location of the created document.

Document format — format of the created document. Currently available formats are FASTA and Genbank.

Sequence name — name of the sequence in the created document.

Save file immediately — check this option if you want to save the document immediately after the Create button is pressed.

The created document will be added to the current project and opened in the Sequence View.

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