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A set of project level operations.

List of operations: new project, new document from text, new workflow, open, open as, open from clipboard, access remote database, search NCBI genbank, connect to UGENE shared database, save all, save project as, export project, close project, recent files, recent projects, exit.


Various actions associated with the active window.

List of operations: go to position, add, copy/paste, analyze, align, cloning, export, remove, edit (for the Sequence View); go to position, add, copy/paste, colors, highlighting, edit, align, tree, statistics, view, export, advanced, consensus mode, close active window (for the Alignment Editor).

SettingsPreferences and plugin settings.

Various tools. This menu is extended by different plugins.

List of operations: sanger data analysis, NGS data analysis, BLAST, multiple sequence alignment, cloning, primer, search for TFBS, HMMER tools, build dotplot, random sequence generator, show counters, expert discovery, query designer, workflow designer.


A list of active windows and basic manipulations with the windows.

List of operations: close active view, close all windows, tile windows, cascade windows, next window, previous window.


Application help and check for updates.

List of operations: open UGENE user manual, open workflow designer manual, open query designer manual, view UGENE documentation online, visit UGENE website, check for updates, open start page, about.

Unipro UGENE (Mac OS only)List of operations: about Unipro UGENE, preferences, services, hide Unipro UGENE, hide others, show all, quit Unipro UGENE.

The menus can be dynamically populated with new actions added by plugins. Check the Plugins documentation to learn how each plugin affects global and context menus.

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