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  • UGENE Native File Formats
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Stores a dotplot of a sequence.

See also: Dotplot

UGENE database file*.ugenedb++

UGENE database files stores information for imported BAM or SAM files and can be used for converting this information into a SAM file.

See also: Import BAM/SAM File

Short Reads FASTA*.srfa, *.srfasta++

A multiple sequence alignments file format.

See also: Alignment Editor

UGENE Workflow Language *.uwl++

Human-readable format to store workflows, created in UGENE Workflow Designer.

See also: Workflow Designer

UGENE Query Language*.uql++

Human-readable format to store schemas, created in UGENE Query Designer.

See also: Query Designer

Workflow element for command line tool*.etc++

Format for storing workflow elements that can launch an external command line tool.

See also: Workflow Designer

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