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  • System Requirements
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  • Operating system (64-bit or 32-bit):
    • Windows 7+
    • macOS 10.7+
    • Linux

  • RAM:
    • 512 Mb RAM is required.

    • At least 2 Gb RAM is recommended.

  • Disk space:
    The minimum required disk space depends on the UGENE package:
    • Standard package: 200-300 Mb
    • Online installer (with default settings), Full package: 500-900 Mb
    • NGS package (with ChIP-Seq data): 21-24 Gb
    • UGENE with all components installed (data for metagenomics classification and ChIP-Seq): 250Gb

  • Display:
    • It is recommended to set the screen resolution to 1280 x 720 or greater.

  • Internet:
    • Internet connection is required for some tasks like loading data from online databases.

UGENE takes care to use the capabilities of your system: the more RAM and cores you have, the more quickly you'll get results of your calculations.

Also, if you have an OpenCL-capable video card, you can use GPU-optimized versions of the following tools:

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