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  • Convert Text to Sequence Element
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Converts the input text to a sequence.

Parameters in GUI

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
Sequence name (required)Result sequence name.Sequence
Sequence alphabet

Alphabet of the sequence. Chooose Auto to auto-detect the alphabet or one of the following values:

  • All symbols
  • Extended DNA
  • Extended RNA
  • Standard DNA
  • Standard RNA
  • Standard amino
Skip unknown symbolsIf True, ignores all symbols that are not presented in the sequence alphabet selected.True
Replace unknown symbols withReplaces all unknown symbols with the specified symbol.N

Parameters in Workflow File

Type: convert-text-to-sequence

ParameterParameter in the GUIType
sequence-nameSequence namestring
skip-unknownSkip unknown symbolsboolean
replace-unknown-withReplace unknown symbols with


(1 character)

Input/Output Ports

The element has 1 input port:

Name in GUI: Input text

Name in Workflow File: in-text


Slot In GUISlot in Workflow FileType
Plain texttextstring

And 1 output port:

Name in GUI: Output sequence

Name in Workflow File: out-sequence


Slot In GUISlot in Workflow FileType
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