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  • Functions Supported for Sequence Data
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  • subsequence (Sequence seq, int beg, int end) - returns the subsequence between the “beg” and “end” parameters.
  • complement (Sequence seq) - returns the complement sequence.
  • translate (Sequence seq, int offset = 0) - returns one of the three sequence translations. Which one is returned is determined by the “offset” parameter.
  • size (Sequence seq) - returns the length of the sequence.
  • getName (Sequence seq) - returns the name of the sequence.
  • alphabetType (Sequence seq) - returns the alphabet of the sequence.
  • charAt (Sequence seq, int ind) - returns the symbol located in the “ind” position of the sequence.
  • hasQuality (Sequence seq) - determines whether the sequence has the “Quality” parameter.
  • getMinimumQuality (Sequence seq) - returns the minimum value of the “Quality”.
  • isAmino (Sequence seq) - returns true if it is amino acid sequence.
  • concatSequence (Sequence1 seq1, Sequence2 seq2,...) - returns the one sequence consists of the all input sequences.
  • sequenceFromText (QString " ") - returns the sequence consists of the input text.


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