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  • Functions Supported for Set of Annotations Data
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  • annotatedRegions (Sequence seq, AnnotationTable anns, QString name) — returns subsequences of the annotations with the specified “name”.
  • addQualifier (AnnotationTable anns, QString qual, QString val, QString name = “”) — sets the qualifier in the annotations with the specified “name” to the specified value. If the “name” is not specified, then all annotations are taken into account.
  • getLocation (AnnotationTable anns, int ind) — returns the annotation location with the specified index.
  • filterByQualifier (AnnotationsTable anns, QString qual, QString val) - returns the qualifier with the specified value.
  • hasAnnotationName - (AnnotationsTable anns, QString " ") - returns the annotation with the specified name there is or there is not.


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