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Based on the input taxonomy classification data the element generates a detailed report and saves it in a tab-delimited text format.

Parameters in GUI


Output file

Specify the output text file name.

All taxa

By default, taxa with no sequences (reads or contigs) assigned are not included into the output. This option specifies to include all taxa.

This may be useful when an output from several samples is compared. Set "Sort by" to "Tax ID" in this case.

Sort by

It is possible to sort rows in the output file in two ways:

  • by the number of reads, covered by the clade rooted at the taxon(i.e. "clade_num" for this taxID)
  • by taxIDs

The second option may be useful when an output from different samples is compared.

Tax ID

Parameters in Workflow File

Type: classification-report
ParameterParameter in the GUIType


Output file



All taxabool
sort-bySort bystring

Input/Output Ports

The element has 1 input port:

Name in GUI: Input taxonomy data

Name in Workflow File: in


SlotInGUISlot in Workflow FileType
Taxonomy classification data



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