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The following search settings Search Settings are available:

Min length — ORFs with length lower than Min length value will not be found.

Must terminate within region — this option ignores boundary ORFs located beyond the search region.

Must start with init codon — item switches the ORF Marker algorithm to the mode when any non-stop amino acid code is interpreted as region start position.

Allow overlaps — alternative (downstream) initiators, when another start codon is located within a longer ORF, i.e. all possible ORFs will be found, not only the longest ones.

Allow alternative init codon — option includes ORFs starting with alternative initiation codons, accordingly to the current translation table.

Include stop codon — includes stop codons into resulting annotations.

Max resultoption allows to define the maximum number of results found.

The other available parameters are:

DNA-to-Amino translation table defines the way start, alternative start and stop codons are encoded.

Strand — where to search the ORFs: in the direct strand, in the complement strand or in both strands.

Preview — allow to preview the regions, strands and lengths of the found ORFs.

Clear results — becomes available when some results have been found, clears these results.