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  • blastcmd — The BlastDBCmd fetches protein or nucleotide sequences from BLAST database based on a query.

  • makeblastdb — formats protein or nucleotide source databases before these databases can be searched by other BLAST tools.
  • blastn — searches a nucleotide database using a nucleotide query.

  • blastp — searches a protein database using a protein query.
  • blastx — searches a protein database using a translated nucleotide query.
  • tblastn — compares a protein query against a translated nucleotide database (the all six reading frames).
  • tblastx — translates the query nucleotide sequence in all six possible frames and compares it against the six-frame translations of a nucleotide sequence database.
  • rpsblast — RPS Blast: Reversed Position Specific Blast RPS-BLAST (Reverse PSI-BLAST) searches a query sequence against a database of profiles.

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