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To build BWA-SW index select the Tools ‣ NGS data analysis ‣ Build index for reads mapping item in the main menu. The Build Index dialog will appears. Set the Align the Map short reads method parameter to BWA-SW.


     <img src="/wiki/download/attachments/6062169/Building Index for 65930879/BWA-SW.png"/>


    • is — designed for short reads up to ~200bp with low error rate (<3%). It does gapped global alignment w.r.t. reads, supports paired-end reads, and is one of the fastest short read alignment algorithms to date while also visiting suboptimal hits.
    • bwtsw — is designed for long reads with more errors. It performs heuristic Smith-Waterman-like alignment to find high-scoring local hits. Algorithm implemented in BWA-SW. On low-error short queries, BWA-SW. is slower and less accurate than the is algorithm, but on long reads, it is better.
    • div — does not work for long genomes.

The value "autodetect" by default means that the index (one of three) is chosen automatically depending on the length of the sequence.