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DNA sequence generator is a tool that generates a random DNA sequence with specified nucleotide content. To generate a random DNA sequence select the Tools→Random sequence generator item in the main menu. The dialog will appear:

The following parameters are available:

Length - Length of the resulted sequence(s) (using '1000' bp by default).

Window size - The DNA sequence generation is divided into windows of the specified size. In each window, the ratio of the base, defined by other parameters, is kept (using '1000' by default).

Number of sequences - the number of sequences to generate (using '1' by default). 

Initialize random generator manually - value to initialize the random generator.

Reference - path to the reference file (could be a sequence or an alignment). 

Base content - set the base content percents manually.

GC Skew - set the GC skew of the resulted sequence.

Output file - output file.

Format - output file format (using 'fasta' by default). 

Add to project - adds the generated sequence(s) to the project.

Once the Generate button has been pressed, the sequence(s) are created.

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