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The element searches the input sequence for transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) significantly similar to the specified SITECON profiles.

Parameters in GUI

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
Annotate AsName of the result annotations.misc_feature
DirectionSee the description here.Any
Min Err1Filters the results by minumum value of Error type I.0
Max Err2Filters the results by maximum value of Error type II.0.001
ModelSemicolon-separated list of SITECON profiles.You must specify a value!
Min scoreRecognition quality percentage threshold. Choosing too low threshold will lead you to recognition of too many TFBS. Choosing too high threshold will lead to no TFBS recognized.85%


Parameters in Schema File

Type: sitecon

ParameterParameter in the GUIType
keyAnnotate Asstring
err1Min Err1numeric
err2Max Err2numeric
scoreMin scorenumeric


Available values are:

  • complement
  • direct
  • both



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