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To make use of a shared database follow the steps below:

  1. Deploy a MySQL database server

    We recommend you to download MySQL binaries from the official site. Note that UGENE supports MySQL versions 5.5 and higher. Here you can also find instructions on how to install and launch a MySQL server instance for each platform.

  2. Create an empty database

    Log in to the MySQL server as a user with administrative privileges (you must be able to create databases and users, and to grant privileges to the created users). In the MySQL console or in your favorite SQL browser execute the following command:
    > CREATE DATABASE `your_database_name`;

  3. Create database users

    You may probably want to limit possible influence on the shared database by the UGENE users who will use it. In this case create a distinct MySQL user for each UGENE user (or a group of users). In order to do this, execute the following commands:
    > CREATE USER `user_nickname` IDENTIFIED BY 'user_password';
    Decide whether the created user is allowed to modify the database content or only to view it. In the first case execute the command below:
    > GRANT CREATE, SELECT, INSERT, INDEX, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE ROUTINE, EXECUTE, DROP ON your_database_name.* TO `user_nickname`@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'user_password';
    and in the second case execute:
    > GRANT SELECT ON your_database_name.* TO `user_nickname`@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'user_password';

  4. Use the database from a UGENE instance

    The database with "your_database_name" is now available from a UGENE instance (version 1.14 or higher). It's time to try it out and fill it with some initial data. To do it, open UGENE and connect to the database. As we need to add the data to the database, use "user_nickname" and "user_password" of a user with privileges to modify the database. As soon as connection is established, add the required data to the database.

    From now on the data will be available for all users from this and other UGENE instances who connected to the same database.



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