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  • Suppliers - check/uncheck suppliers, whose enzymes will be shown. By default, enzymes with undefined commercial suppliers are not shown.
  • Recognition sequence length - show only enzymes, whose recognition sequence length is in bounds. NOTE: bases are not included in recognition site. That means, that if enzyme has the following sequence:

    C C N N N N N N G G
    its recognition site length will be four, not eleven.

  • Overhang type - show only enzymes with certain overhang type. The following options are presented:
    • Any - show all enzymes.
    • No overhang - site has no cuts at all. Example:

      3' CTCGAG 5'
      5' GAGCTC 3'

    • 5' - the cut of the forward strand is to the left of the cut of the reverse-complementary strand. Example:

      3'  C CT N A G G  5'
      5'  G G A N TC C  3'

    • 3' - the cut of the forward strand is to the right of the cut of the reverse-complementary strand. Example:

      3'  C G A TC G  5'
      5'  G CT A G C  3'

    • Blunt - cuts are located in the middle of the site.
    • Sticky - cuts are locate anywhere but the middle of the site. It is 5' and 3' both.
    • Nondegenerate sticky - the same as Sticky, but the overhang between cuts has only A, C, G or T  (no extended) symbols.
    • Blunt or stickyBluntSticky.
    • Blunt or nondegenerate stickyBluntNondegenerate sticky.
  • Keep only - show most interesting enzymes only:
    • Palindromic - forward and reverse-complementary strands are equal.
    • Uninterrupted - no internal N bases.
    • Nondegenerate - No no extended DNA alphabet symbols (only A, C, G, T and N).