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This tab contains actions, which could be processed for found primers.

Check complementary

The "Check complementary" subprocess is responsible for result primers filtering. If primer pair has selfdimers or heterodimer with dimer length/dimer GC-content more or equal, than was set, this primer will be filtered and won't be considered as a result of Primer3 calculation.

If "Check complementary" has been checked, the result report will contain the additional table, which shows filtered primers and why have they been filtered:

Primer pairs on green lines are fit to the set parameters and have not been filtered.

Primer pairs on red lines have some problem values, which are marked in bold - and that is why they have been excluded from the result. For example, the first pair has been filtered, because their heterodimer has too hight GC-content (75%).

The same report but in CSV format you can recieve by checking Generate CSV report.

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